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Okay, first up, this is the section of my web page totally devoted to Roger Zelazny's (we're not worthy) Amber DRPG. I first learned about the Amber universe in year 10 where a group of friends really got into that sort of thing and it was the latest rage for them. Them talking about it piqued my interest and everything flowered from there.


LINKS AND FILES. Click this link to browse my list of links as well as download some Amber related files.

PAUL'S HOMEPAGE. Here is a link to a friend's homepage.

DREAMS OF PARADISE Click this link to view my page on my first shot at GMing. It features a couple of new powers and rule mods. Check it out.

SENTA. is my character in an as yet unnamed campaign run by Paul. This is a game with no points as such, only character descriptions although rough stats are included for GM reference. This campaign never got off the ground due to time restrictions. Read anyway, if you're interested.

A PBEM is a Play By E-Mail Amber game which many people play as it is fun and isolated people like me (Australia) can play with the really good people in other places in the world.

Speaking of PBEM's , Puppeteers, run by Paul Dickinson which is now defunct. I was in it for a few months so here is a couple of accounts that I wrote for my character Yarlun: month 1 and month 2. Browse the history of Yarlun here if you wish.

R'GTORSHT. I am playing in a normal Amber game at school and my character there is Roger. Yes I know Roger isn't exactly original but with a name like R'gtorsht, I don't think the other players would want to call me by my character's real name, huh? By clicking this link you should go to a page on him. Click on the rampaging warrior to get there:
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